GroupOne Provides the Best Cloud Services for Your Business.

GroupOne gets to know you, your business, and your goals to develop solutions for those unique needs. Whether it's networking, hosting, or email, on-site or remote, we'll get you what you need to scale up, step out, or just better maintain your usual excellence.

Securely Access Your Data.

You worked hard to build up the data that makes your company what it is today, and your success depends in part on how you use that data going forward. You need direct control over your it to handle critical workloads, security concerns, and management demands. GroupOne delivers the best cloud service so you can access, store, and transmit data, and function more efficiently than you thought possible.

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Your Own Private Cloud.

We get it: your data is more than just important, it’s complicated. It comes with all kinds of regulatory compliance to protect sensitive information. GroupOne can build a secure, cloud-based environment with access limited to your business, giving you optimal privacy and control over your infrastructure. The best part? You’ll retain the scalability and self-service of other cloud solutions, but with all the necessary added security.

Benefits of Having our Cloud Service:

  • Custom built private cloud – designed around your business needs
  • Greater control of your data
  • Higher level of privacy – only accessible to your company
  • Optimal efficiency and maximize resources
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Reliably Flexible.

Go ahead: run all those critical applications through your cloud. We’ll make sure your systems won’t fail in the event of infrastructure damage. GroupOne’s private cloud will keep your applications running as they’re intended to, pooling resources from other areas of your server when necessary to reduce downtime and keep your business cruising along.