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Dell Leading Social Innovation for EveryOne

GroupOne is proud to partner with Dell, the third leading manufacturer of PCs in the world. Not only is Dell a major computer manufacturer and a top seller of desktop and laptop computers, it’s a major leader in social innovation. For seven years, the Dell Social Innovation Challenge has highlighted and supported entrepreneurs whose goals […]

Why Use Hosted Services?

When your IT needs have outgrown your equipment and the staff to manage it, it’s time to consider hosted services. GroupOne’s hosted services include application hosting, hosted exchange, hosted SharePointe for collaboration, small business server hosting, and private cloud administration. We deal with the IT management, maintenance, and equipment that keeps your business running so […]

How Reliable is Your Data Backup Process?

Your data is a valuable business asset and should be safeguarded as such. Data backup is a critical business process that saves you time and money in case anything happens to your data files, such as power failures, power spikes, viruses, system crashes, or disaster events like fire, flood, theft, or vandalism. Copying your important […]

Innovations from Our Partner Microsoft

At GroupOne, we know the power of partnering with the best, and we’re proud to say that one of our partners is Microsoft. Microsoft continues to innovate and push the technology envelope. Corporate vice president for Microsoft’s device partnerships Nick Parker gave the keynote presentation at Computex 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan recently. He presented more […]

How Do I Virtualize Thee? Let me Count the Ways

So just what is virtualization anyway? That’s hosting all your IT in the cloud, right? Close, but no. The Webopedia definition of virtualization in business is “the partitioning of a physical server into smaller virtual servers to maximize server resources.” This definition gets it right, but Paul Mah discusses even more specific ways to virtualize […]

Cloud Computing: Is There Value for Your Company in the Cloud?

Cloud computing delivers hosted services over the Internet, including email applications, website hosting, and specialized software like Salesforce.com®. Software as a Service (Saas) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are both software services delivered via the Internet instead of installed on your computers. With cloud computing, you use someone else’s servers instead of investing in […]

Things to Do before Opting for IT Services in Sacramento

Do you wish to outsource the IT requirements to consultants providing IT Services in Sacramento? In that case just ensure you are well prepared for the move and you also need to take the required steps beforehand. You need to find the right partner who can understand your business dynamics and then suggest a solution. […]

What You Get By Hiring IT Companies Providing Cloud Services

Do you wish to bring down the workload of managing the IT setup of your company? Are you facing problems managing the server hosting and software applications that are running in-house. In such a situation you need to approach IT support companies that provide cloud services. You can avail a lot of benefits by outsourcing […]

Cloud Data Recovery: What You Need to Know

Using cloud data recovery services is a cost-effective way to back up thousands of important files and ensure your data will not be compromised. Most people have heard of cloud data recovery, but a lot of us don’t really know how to get started. The process can seem confusing and a bit too technical, but […]

Essential Small Business Tools: Cloud Backup

When juggling the daily responsibilities of managing your small business, it can be easy to overlook your networking and IT needs. But what would happen to your business if you lost your important data? Your client data, important files, invoices, tax information, resources, and small business website are all dependent upon regular backups to remain […]