How to Achieve Managed Network Security without the Use of the Force

A long time ago, in a network far, far away . . .

Sci-Fi GroupOne


It is a period of managed network security. GROUP ONE, striking from their remote headquarters, have won yet another victory against the evil CYBER ATTACKERS. Pursued by the Attacker’s sinister objectives, GROUP ONE continues in its quest to continue protecting its clients from continued attacks and restore freedom to the galaxy….

Managing Network Security Without the Force

An incredible mental discipline of the Jedi is to join with the Force, harness its power, and focus it on their objectives. While the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force, GroupOne utilizes tactics that are just as effective.

Detecting Trouble Without Feeling a Disturbance

When you reach the level of discipline and training as the experts at GroupOne, you can quickly determine when an attack is underway. And you won’t have to sit down and emotionally recuperate later.

Remote Monitoring Without Waving our Hand Mysteriously

As if by magic, GroupOne can monitor your network using only the technology they have in place. Although, sometimes they do perform the hand wave when connecting to your network. But that’s only for show.

Fending Off Cyber Attacks Without a Force-Choke

Lord Vader was the king of intimidation with his handy-dandy Sith move. If you even perturbed him in the slightest, you could expect to be lifted off the ground by your neck by and unseen power ­– or Force. It would be totally cool if we could do that to the people trying to break into your network, but as of right now, we can only reinforce your security. It’s almost as satisfying.

Come to the Light Side of GroupOne

For the best-managed network security available, you don’t have to let the Force be your guide. Simply reach out – listen to your feelings – and make contact. We’ll be here, young Paduwan learners. Your training is about to begin.

How Managed Network Security Stops Thieves in Their Tracks

Thieves can be anywhere, they don’t necessarily congregate under bridges or in those dark and creepy allies as much anymore. With some well placed keystrokes, your firewall can be breached, leaving you vulnerable and unaware until it is frankly too late. With the help of GroupOne’s managed network security services, you can continue about your day with full confidence that not only your but also your clients’ information is safe and secure. This is implemented by creating customized security solutions based upon the needs presented so that you get exactly what you require to be safe.

Be Safe from Both Ransomware and Cryptolocker

Don’t be prey to thieves using malware such as ransomware, which locks your operating system, or cryptolocker, which locks specific files without a specific pass key set by the cybercriminal. Both are highly used Trojan malware to extort money from you or your clients, and are generally targeted towards high value systems or files that have to do with sensitive information such as social security codes and credit card information. One of the first steps to having managed network security is by first testing your infrastructure for weaknesses, because to be strong you must first know where you are weak, and then proactively improve your network security against such future threats.

With Managed Network Security, Good Things Come in Threes

To keep up with the high demands of security as well as PCI, HIPAA, SEC, and FINRA regulations, GroupOne is an expert at keeping your network secure with a multi-layer defense. This includes strengthening your firewalls, email security, and controlling not only who but also what devices are capable of accessing your network. The firewall can be the most basic of defense, but is generally the best utilized as most are not used properly or in some cases not at all. With managed network security you and your clients receive only the messages they need while keeping any possible threats or spam from reaching your inbox. Finally with the growing amounts of ways to access a network with various mobile devices, it’s paramount to control the devices capable of doing so. Security should be your highest priority, let us help keep you protected!

The Standards for Regulatory Compliance Assessment

The best way to stay out of trouble is to know which rules do and don’t apply to you and your business. If you don’t understand the speed limit, you aren’t going to instinctively drive under 55 miles per hour. Unfortunately, ignorance won’t get out of the fees associated with non-compliance or breaking the law. Luckily, a regulatory risk assessment will determine how compliant you are with with the rules and regulations relevant to your business.

The Importance of Compliance Risk Assessment

Rules and regulations are necessary for any society to thrive. They bring criminals to justice, resolve disputes, promote the common good, and foster moral development. Laws help protect the masses by keeping the worst from happening. A compliance risk assessment helps avoid the threat posed to a company’s integrity and profitability as a result of violation or noncompliance. Companies that fail to utilize risk assessments leave themselves susceptible to their worst corporate nightmares.

GroupOne Has High Standards for Your Business

Your time should be spent running your business and increasing your company’s value, not calculating your potential compliance risk. GroupOne’s OneCare managed IT services eliminate the guesswork, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives. With OneCare, GroupOne will monitor your network and devices, fixing any issues that may arise – all at a manageable fixed monthly rate. Our expertise allows us to help you identify and mitigate any potential compliance risks, while implementing a sustainable governance strategy. Connect with us today to better understand your potential risk!

Why Running a Compliance Risk Assessment is Important

Before exercising, of course, you should consult a doctor. Although moderate physical exertion might be safe for some people, health experts recommend you talk to you doctor before starting a new workout regimen, especially if you aren’t used to regularly working out or have an existing health problem. Just as it is important to keep your health in tip-top shape – it is imperative that your organization operates like a well-oiled machine. Running a compliance risk assessment also known as an integrity risk is part of the collective governance, risk management, and compliance discipline.

Why Compliance Risk Assessment is Important

The inability of companies to compile a compliance risk assessment can lead to violations that include, but are not limited to: 

  • Payment for damages.
  • Fines.
  • Voided contracts.
  • Loss of reputation.

Through the process of compliance risk assessments, professionals can assist management in making the connection between business core goals and the processes needed to get there. Since there are numerous ways to effectively run a business, it is important to build a foundation on the case for integrated governance, risk, and compliance.

Key Benefits You Will Experience

  • Process optimization – non-value-added activities are eliminated and value-added activities are streamlined to reduce lag time and undesirable variation.
  • Better capital allocation – identification of areas of redundancy and inefficiency allows financial and human capital to be allocated more effectively.
  • Improved effectiveness – the net effect of all the activities above means activities are directed to the right people and departments.
  • Protected reputation –when risks are managed more effectively, company reputation is enhanced.
  • Reduced costs –lower costs contribute to the overall ROI gains represented by effective GRC activities.

GroupOne Does Compliance Risk Assessment

GroupOne are compliance professionals who have developed their expertise in communicating the importance of compliance risk assessments. Your time should be spent running your business and generating revenue, not bothering with your network or hassling with Internet service providers. GroupOne’s OneCare managed IT services takes that stress away, giving you less to worry about. Connect with us today!

Life Hacks to Improve Employee Productivity

Hacking? No, not the hacking you’re probably thinking about right now. We would never let anyone hack your business. However, we are in a business that serves people, and we want to give you the best opportunities to succeed. Today, the term “hack” has evolved with an association to optimization. Establishing ways to give your business a leg up, comes from these life hacks which will help improve employee productivity.

Life Hacks for Employee Productivity

Get there Early

Life hack number one: start your day off early. This gives you the opportunity to start your day off with no one around you. You will be able to get in-the-zone and proceed with those day’s tasks with the right mentality.

Two Is Better Than One

Life hack number two: If your position requires you to improve your productivity – it’s time to spring for two monitors. You will gain more space in your workstation and generally improve your productivity.

Say Bye to Social Media

Life hack number three: Another way to improve employee productivity is to limit your use on social media. Sounds simple but a few moments commenting or updating will add up to wasted hours during the day.


Life hack number four: If you need to make a checklist, put the hard tasks on top of the list. Make a master list – then actually stick to it. Keep all your responsibilities in one easy place that can be easily accessed and referenced.

GroupOne– Number One Life Hack

GroupOne, is the number one life hack. At GroupOne, we provide the IT data center services your company needs to handle even the most complex projects.We know that it can be extremely difficult to maintain productive momentum at the office. However, we know our solutions can help improve your business operations and generate more revenue without interrupting existing business functions. Connect with us today!