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Don’t Let the Idea of (Online) File Sharing Scare You!

Frightened businessman worried about file sharing

Some people hesitate when considering the incorporation of file sharing solutions into their business. Whether it be the risks, the costs, or the fear of office detachment, something may be still holding you back.

Why Go to the Cloud? Reasons You May Not Have Known About

By now, you’ve heard from a hundred different sources that moving your operations to the cloud will save you money. But have you heard that it will help you develop products and provide services faster? And help you go green? Or that it produces measurable benefits that pay for themselves?

Are You Ready for Cloud Services?


Do you know all the passwords to your business systems and services? Do you know if they’re secure? Are you able to check on any transaction on your business systems at any time, or perform a thorough audit at will? Who is responsible for backup in your organization, and how are they doing it? If… Read more »

What’s the Future of IT?

With the new iPhone 6 recently released and all the kerfluffle about Bendgate, we started thinking about the Future of IT. Greg Satell, DigitalTonto, has given it some thought as well. Here’s what he says is coming at IT soon: No-touch interfaces – Apple’s Siri and Google Glass are just warm ups for the no-touch… Read more »

CloudOne – Find Your Wings

Years of experience with growth has led GroupOne to believe that thorny, tangled problems – the kinds of problems that seem almost insoluble – usually just require a bold solution. Sometimes it takes a wise outside advisor to point in the right direction. Many organizations find themselves outgrowing their hardware, and /or the physical space… Read more »