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What’s the Future of IT?

With the new iPhone 6 recently released and all the kerfluffle about Bendgate, we started thinking about the Future of IT. Greg Satell, DigitalTonto, has given it some thought as well. Here’s what he says is coming at IT soon: No-touch interfaces – Apple’s Siri and Google Glass are just warm ups for the no-touch… Read more »

Hardware Gets Social with Tindie, Cell Phones, and Kickstarter

Most people, even if they aren’t techies, have heard of open source software that is used, shared, and changed freely by all and available for modification without limit. Open source refers to something that can be modified freely because it is publicly accessible. Thanks to Emile Petrone and Tindie, open source now also applies to… Read more »

Pens Get Smart But Will They Last Forever?

 There’s nothing more old school than pen and paper, but old school meets high tech when it comes to reimagining writing instruments. The Ivy Guide is a high tech translator tool that turns any pen into a translator and even recharges with a USB port. Engineers at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign developed… Read more »