Backup Recovery Isn’t Just for Business – Paintball Guns at the Ready

System failures can happen at any time and cause a slew of problems for your business — from lost data to extended downtime, even client loss. Backup recovery can help you get back on your feet even when the most improbably hiccups occur at your company.

Even in the extremely unlikely event your office were to be stormed by coworkers decked head-to-toe in paintball gear, airsofts blazing — backup and data recovery can save the day.

Backup recovery is a tool designed to help your business not lose any ground when worse comes to worst, including a barrage of splattering paint pellets. This means that there is a specific plan of attack for your business to help you recover in the quickest way possible.

First Line of Defense

The first step to having a great backup and recovery plan is having preventative measures in place. While this includes backup generators and auto-saving servers, protecting your computer from an onslaught of paintballs can be as simple as making your work space into a cardboard fortress.

Your wall of boxes is your first line of defense from paint splatters, just like an auto saving server or regularly synced cloud storage protects your unsaved work from disappearing into the ether.

When Things Get Messy

Other forms of backup recovery include onsite storage and cloud storage. Onsite storage is when your business data is backed-up in your onsite facility. Cloud storage also protects your company, but stores data in the Cloud rather than onsite.  This protects important business data in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

When the man-made disaster of an ambush paintball attack happens in your office, your data is protected, even if your computer is smashed and the servers get fried by wet paint in the chaos.

Drilling Away

A key component of a successful data recovery plan is making sure that it actually works before you ever need to use it. You can have the most intricate recovery plan in the world, but if you’ve never tested it, there’s nothing you can do when disaster happens in real time and the backup to your backup fails.

Just like double checking recovery methods, running drills and counterattacks can help protect you from coworkers hellbent on turning you and your workstation into a Pinterest canvas painting. Practicing your tuck-and-roll can save your favorite work shirt from a paint splatter, just like practicing recovery methods can save your company from the worst.

Call GroupOne for Your Backup Recovery Needs

We’ve got your back. Give us a call or drop us a line. We’ll make sure your clothes look pristine and your cardboard fort stays nice and clean.

Simplify Your Life with the Best Online Backup

Besides your people, the very essence of your entire business is your data. Without it, imagine trying to go on. Statistically, the odds are not in your favor: more than 60% of businesses fail within six months of a major data loss. That’s a frightening number ­– especially if confronted with the loss of your entire office. That’s why it’s imperative to equip your office with the best online backup available.

Online Backup Saves Your Data in A Disaster

Imagine it: you come to work one day to find your office . . . gone. Completely gone. Your hardware, your servers, even your desks and chairs – eradicated. Starting again from scratch seems impossible to some business owners. However, even if you lost everything else – how much easier would it be to carry on if all your business data were still intact – tucked safely away in a remote backup location? You could use insurance money to replace your lost equipment, download your data, and – wow – you’re back in business.

Retrieve Even One Corrupted File in Minutes

Sometimes, data loss doesn’t have to be massive to be terribly destructive. Imagine a very special file you and your team have worked on for months – maybe years ­– just to get it as perfect as possible. Then, one day, it can’t be opened. Did someone save it the wrong way?? Did the file just go corrupt?? In the long run, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that your file is lost. But with the best online backup supporting you, simply retrieve the most recent version of the file from backup, open it up, and get back to work.

GroupOne Can Set Your Business Up with the Best Online Backup

When dealing with something as important as your business data, we don’t use anything but the best. You need the very best online backup system available, and GroupOne can set it up in no time. Let’s talk about your needs, and discover how easy backing up your precious data can be.

How to Achieve Managed Network Security without the Use of the Force

A long time ago, in a network far, far away . . .

Sci-Fi GroupOne


It is a period of managed network security. GROUP ONE, striking from their remote headquarters, have won yet another victory against the evil CYBER ATTACKERS. Pursued by the Attacker’s sinister objectives, GROUP ONE continues in its quest to continue protecting its clients from continued attacks and restore freedom to the galaxy….

Managing Network Security Without the Force

An incredible mental discipline of the Jedi is to join with the Force, harness its power, and focus it on their objectives. While the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force, GroupOne utilizes tactics that are just as effective.

Detecting Trouble Without Feeling a Disturbance

When you reach the level of discipline and training as the experts at GroupOne, you can quickly determine when an attack is underway. And you won’t have to sit down and emotionally recuperate later.

Remote Monitoring Without Waving our Hand Mysteriously

As if by magic, GroupOne can monitor your network using only the technology they have in place. Although, sometimes they do perform the hand wave when connecting to your network. But that’s only for show.

Fending Off Cyber Attacks Without a Force-Choke

Lord Vader was the king of intimidation with his handy-dandy Sith move. If you even perturbed him in the slightest, you could expect to be lifted off the ground by your neck by and unseen power ­– or Force. It would be totally cool if we could do that to the people trying to break into your network, but as of right now, we can only reinforce your security. It’s almost as satisfying.

Come to the Light Side of GroupOne

For the best-managed network security available, you don’t have to let the Force be your guide. Simply reach out – listen to your feelings – and make contact. We’ll be here, young Paduwan learners. Your training is about to begin.

Managed IT Services Can Turn Your CAPEX to an OPEX


CAPEX and OPEX are more than just letters, they’re also acronyms. CAPEX is a business expense that incurs to create a possible benefit in the future. A capital expenditure is when a company invests money into a fixed asset or adds value to an existing asset with a useful life way beyond the tax year. OPEX is an expense that incurs in ordinary business operations. This includes sales, general, and administrative expenses that are used in the production process. Managed IT services are taking a favored approach toward OPEX rather than CAPEX because of the distinct advantages and positive impacts it is making on businesses.

Managed IT Service – The Big Idea

Your managed IT service provider should be your leader in information technology. They manage and assume responsibility to provide a high expectation of services set specifically for you. As they proactively monitor your infrastructure, they determine which services are needed to improve your business. Figuring out where to invest money can be strenuous, but truly deciding on where and how to spend money can be just as difficult. When you choose a proactive approach with managed IT services, rather than a break-fix IT department, you are investing in experts who deliver incredible service. They are dedicated in specialized areas that CAPEX can not “predict”. IT infrastructure needs are becoming less and less predictable because of the rapid advancement of information technology. Businesses are expanding their options because they can afford the newest updated version of technology without the dread of having to pay a heavy sum upfront. Now, organizations can focus on their basic needs and begin to transition their CAPEX investments to OPEX spending.

GroupOne’s Managed IT Services

Innovation is as important in customer service as it is in any other part of IT, and that is why GroupOne’s determines the pricing based not on how many features you select for your service, but on the number of computers, laptops, and servers in your system. GroupOne doesn’t divide our offerings into a bewildering menu so that clients are always adding one more feature to their plan. Instead, we carefully package what organizations really need into a few clearly defined set of options. Our managed IT services will be sure to save you money and turn your CAPEX to an OPEX in no time. Call today for a free consultation.  

Boosting Employee Productivity – Things to Avoid

Less-Than-Effective Ways to Bolster Employee Productivity.

Employee productivity in the workplace is always desirable. However, while some methods are quite effective at boosting morale and raising productivity, some methods should be avoided. Here are a few examples of tactics business owners should shy away from.

man as desk employee productivity

1. Threats of Pain, Torture, or Becoming Office Furniture.

When prompting employees to do more to improve their employee productivity, often the act of threatening physical harm or degradation is frowned upon. Sure, Gary from accounting may make an excellent workstation, but that doesn’t make it right.

employee with lots of money employee productivity

2. Giving Each Employee Half the Company.

Unless you have only one employee, and you are an owner, it is ill-advised to offer any employee half the company as an incentive to increase their work output, much less all of them. Imagine if Bill Gates had used this tactic at Microsoft? Sure, the immediate results might have been impressive — but at the end of the year, there would likely have been some questions raised.

woman stuffing her face with cake employee productivity

3. Cake.

Cake tends to be a bad motivator for employee productivity at work. Let’s say Jennifer’s productivity goes up 38% this quarter while Bill’s productivity only goes up 8% this quarter. That means Bill only gets 8 reward cakes at a time while Jennifer polishes off 38 cakes in one sitting. This creates an environment of “cake envy” amongst co-workers, and should be avoided – as should allowing employees to consume 38 cakes at their desk.

man trying to charm woman with flowers employee productivity

4. Turning On the Charm.

While you may consider yourself a real “catch,” and know for a fact that anyone of the opposite sex would be lucky to have you, offering your affections to coworkers as an incentive for employee productivity should be avoided at all costs. Doing so could cause such issues as indecision, indifference, rejection, anger from spouses (yours and theirs), and a less-than-friendly meeting with HR.

boss screaming at employee productivity

5. Loudness.

If you feel your employee is not living up to their full potential, rather than calling them into your office and screaming at them until they weep and cannot function, perhaps consider sending them an encouraging note, or take them to lunch to discuss the problem. However, if you feel your loud voice is unavoidable during the conversation, consider taking the employee to lunch where they usually play heavy metal music. You should fit right in, and the employee should feel a bit less embarrassed.