Does your company need a data center in San Jose? Do you find that your company’s technology simply can’t fit in the existing space allotted for your data center? 

This is a common problem for companies in San Jose and the Silicon Valley area, many of which simply opt to rent a larger office or allocate more space for the technology of their data center without realizing that there are other options available.

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What is a Data Center?

A data center is a dedicated space for the storage of IT infrastructure and related technology. It houses all of the components and equipment for your computing resources including routers, switches, servers, security devices, and storage systems. 

Having a data center is important for each company to securely store sensitive information, programs and software, databases, and even company emails. Because a wide variety of information and technology is stored, a data center must have cutting-edge cybersecurity as well as enforced physical security.

Our Data Center Services

As a company grows, the physical confines of their data center area can become cramped or entirely too small, leaving businesses with few options but to outsource their data center to a third-party company or to purchase/rent more storage space.

Choosing to outsource your data center can be a cost-saving choice because of the lowered cooling and power costs as well as having access to specialized technology and IT resources that your company may not otherwise have. 

Aside from the access to technology, IT professionals, and the cost-savings, at GroupOne, we have a 99.999% uptime guarantee. This simply means that our data center will keep your business running, giving you access to the information and data you need, when you need it. 

Our data center technology can help you be better prepared for a major network event and recover from any disaster that may strike. Our IT team is also staffed by some of the most skilled technicians in the Silicon Valley and San Jose areas, helping to complete your data center migration with ease, ensure the security of your data, and perform any maintenance to keep our data center downtime to a minimum. 

Grow Your Business With Our Data Center

Choosing to partner with a company for data center services can be a big decision – after all, you’re trusting a third-party to keep your data safe, your infrastructure operational, and hoping that their data center technology remains fully functional. 

GroupOne IT provides the best in data center services in the Silicon Valley area because we hire the best technicians, use the best technology, and follow the strictest security procedures. 

If you are interested in learning more about our data center in San Jose, contact us today for a consultation and pricing.