7 Key Cybersecurity Facts for 2022

Ready to migrate your business data and files to the cloud? It’s important to keep your organization’s sensitive data safe and secure. The good news is that safe cloud migration is simple: here are the questions you should be asking to ensure you’re ready for the big move.

Most Common Cybersecurity Threats 2022

Ready to migrate your business data and files to the cloud? It’s important to keep your organization’s sensitive data safe and secure. The good news is that safe cloud migration is simple: here are the questions you should be asking to ensure you’re ready for the big move.

10 Best Ways to Prevent Cyber Security Breach 2022

Ready to migrate your business data and files to the cloud? It’s important to keep your organization’s sensitive data safe and secure. The good news is that safe cloud migration is simple: here are the questions you should be asking to ensure you’re ready for the big move.

Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity

Ready to migrate your business data and files to the cloud? It’s important to keep your organization’s sensitive data safe and secure. The good news is that safe cloud migration is simple: here are the questions you should be asking to ensure you’re ready for the big move.

Best IT Security Software Solutions 2022: A Guide

Ready to migrate your business data and files to the cloud? It’s important to keep your organization’s sensitive data safe and secure. The good news is that safe cloud migration is simple: here are the questions you should be asking to ensure you’re ready for the big move.

The Top Benefits and Considerations of Using a Data Center for Your Company

Ready to migrate your business data and files to the cloud? It’s important to keep your organization’s sensitive data safe and secure. The good news is that safe cloud migration is simple: here are the questions you should be asking to ensure you’re ready for the big move.

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What is Enterprise Cybersecurity  ~ GroupOne

What is Enterprise Cybersecurity 

Is there a difference between standard cybersecurity and enterprise cybersecurity? The difference lies in the way technology and cyber threats have evolved. Standard cybersecurity may have been enough ten years ago, but the virtual world has since become more complex. Thus, requiring a complex solution

 Almost one-third of businesses will experience a breach this next year. Those breaches set a company back for months. Simply identifying major data breaches may take months if you don’t have proper enterprise level cybersecurity. In order to protect your business, you need to face potential problems from many angles. 

 Basic security precautions protect a company’s data locally. Enterprise cybersecurity extends from on-premise servers to their cloud-based infrastructure. As well as securing endpoints with third-party vendors and network security monitoring. It also involves training employees and establishing rules and protocols to minimize incidents with careless employees

 Why Do I Need Enterprise Cybersecurity?

Cyber attacks are on the rise. The more complex our technology systems become, the more places criminals have to find a weak point. Businesses are constantly growing their data and devices within their company. This causes them to need advanced security software.

These changes can create vulnerabilities in a company. When a breach happens, the results are very expensive for a company. The areas that need protection are not always cut and dry. The technology additions that companies include as they grow make for a greater need for enterprise cybersecurity

 Protecting a Company’s Reputation

Data breaches are reported all the time. Every week you can read about another major data breach. Many breaches aren’t reported. When a company experiences a breach, their customers and clients no longer feel safe having their information with that company. 

 A reputation is everything for a growing business. Enterprise security solutions give a business the best shot at protecting that reputation and growing with long-term customers and clients. 

 What does an Enterprise Cybersecurity Strategy Include?

In order to establish advanced security solutions, you need to first get very specific with what you have so that you can be specific with what you need. You can then put in place exact applications and procedures to ensure that those areas are safe. With the arrival of cloud computing, a cloud protocol is essential for a comprehensive secure business environment.  

 Boundaries Around Your Digital Assets

You need to have a set of boundaries at both the local level and virtual level. Cloud servers make establishing these boundaries even more important. You may hire IT staff to manage the storage, backup and transfer of your company’s data. 

 With cloud computing, you need to keep in mind the information that passes onto third-party servers. Transferable data needs a boundary as well. When you have employees that can open up company information from mobile devices, those devices need protection. 

 Establishing Your Software Environment 

Your company may use many different types of software. You need to define the purpose and policies around these programs. When you have employees connecting to these programs from a wide range of personal devices, you may open up your programs to any threats existing on the devices. 

 Your employees‘ devices may have other software that could be problematic for your company’s programs. This is why it is important to establish boundaries and rules. You need to have set rules about what kinds of software can come in contact with your company software. 

 Sealing Your Assets

Any hardware or software that connects to your system needs to be sealed off from possible data leaks or unauthorized access. To do this, you need to have each component inspected and tested for strength. If there is a device with vulnerabilities that could compromise the entire company’s system, these need to be removed or reprogrammed. 

 While securing the assets, you need to keep in mind the functionality of your company’s workflow. Make sure you’re not sealing off information from employees who need it. You don’t want to have any connectivity issues with business activity after restricting company systems for maximum safety. A security company can help you maximize security while keeping your business models and business purposes working efficiently. 

Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation Plans

Cyber thieves are always looking for holes in the latest program updates. This is why you need to stay ahead of the vulnerabilities with regular testing. As soon as you detect a hole or weak point, you need to have a plan in place to fix that issue as quickly as possible. 

 A company’s data could be exposed to hackers for months before employees are made aware of the problem. This causes huge damage to a company’s finances and reputation. With proper testing and remediation plans, you can ensure the time that your company is left vulnerable is minimal. 

Review Access Privileges 

Administrative access is the point that poses the biggest security threat. This is where hackers target their efforts the most. This is why it’s important to review who has administrative access and make sure that they should have that access. This is essential for any complex security infrastructure.

Review all of the individuals in your staff and the duties they have. Determine who needs access and who doesn’t. You can also make policies around when someone can be logged in even if they do have access. They should be logged in only to complete critical administrative roles and not for any other reason. 

GroupOne provides companies of all sizes with enterprise security at affordable prices. Our security professionals will take all of these security concerns and provide you with the enterprise risk management you need. With our business analysis, we can create a custom security solution for your company.

Our experience goes beyond common attack methods. The best way to prepare for any disaster is to work with people who have faced almost any issue you can imagine.  

Don’t wait for disaster to get your security standards where they should be. Security needs to be woven into all of your business strategies. Your company is not worth the security risk.

Importance of Computer Network in Business ~ GroupOne

Importance of computer network in business

As a business grows, so does its equipment. The more computers and devices a company has the more spread out the programs and information become. Unless you have your computers networked together.

Computer networking is a group of computers that are configured together while not necessarily in the same physical location. When your computers are connected, the transmitted data between the computers make for more seamless communications and operations across the company. 

It’s also very cost-effective as it allows computers to share hardware and software licenses, cutting back on those company expenses. 

Benefits of Computer Networking in Business  

File sharing allows for improved communications on a cohesive network. Consistency across individual computers with a central database creates cohesive operating systems. The benefits for business are larger storage capacity, effective communication, flexibility, and saving money on the costs of software. 

Large Storage Capacity

With computer networking, your critical files are all a part of central file servers. Your employees can access these files and learn from the data for improved business operations. A central server lowers the number of storage systems you need for the company’s data. You gain storage space with an increase in employee productivity with access to files. 

Improved Business Communication

Information is the basis of communication. Modern networking allows the transfer of information in real-time anywhere with internet access. When your team has access to network files from any device you have more flexibility with remote workers and employees that need to work outside of the office.

The more information available to employees, the more independently they can work. Downtime is a revenue killer. Network access to employees creates the company growth needed to reach long-term business goals.  

If you have any issue with one device, you can access your information when you log into another device. This creates network security where you don’t have to worry about losing critical files

Flexibility and Convenience

Access to information through the network cuts down on steps that employees take to get the information they need for their daily tasks. When computers aren’t connected you need to transfer files through a USB drive or messages. 

With computer sharing employees can take files from any other connected computer as if it were on their own. This speeds up the daily tasks of your employees and creates a very functional workflow. 

Cost Benefits of Computer Networking

A quality computer network allows for resource sharing across devices. You will need less hardware when your computers are connected and hardware is pricey equipment. Employees won’t need separate printers or backup storage when their computers are connected. 

You won’t need to install as many software updates and employees can share document scanning software. The ability to share technology assets among employees is one of the biggest cost benefits of this networking solution

Networked Versions of Software

Buying software for every computer and device isn’t the most cost effective way to get your employees the tools that they need. Many software companies offer versions of their software that were made for networks. This way you can purchase a single license for the product you need. You can then have it running on the central server that the individual computers are connected to.

This puts an end to carrying around a USB drive and trading it with the next employee that needs the license. When you have a team of people with access to the tools they need, you have an efficient team of self-starters.  

Improved Customer Service

When your employees have access to company information they are better able to serve customers and clients. They can pull up all the information they need on the customer and provide answers to their questions quickly. They can also add information about the customer into the system so that other employees can be updated in real-time. 

The Perfect Network Needs to Be Done Right

There are many benefits to computer networking. There are also areas of this network type that need attention to make sure your systems are safe and promote business growth. 

Choosing the Best Computer Networking Method

There are a lot of options for your networking system and an IT provider can help you make the best decision for your individual company. More freedom comes with modern computer networking, and you no longer have as many restrictions over what hardware is compatible with the network.

This way you can have different operating systems across a variety of devices. You can have equipment from different providers working together with one central server

Network Security

When your computers are connected they could be open to more cyber threats. When you have one computer that has an issue it can spread to the rest. Corrupt files are not isolated when you have computer networking. 

This is not a problem when you have IT support to keep your system as a whole safe. IT consulting will give you all of the information you and your employees need to keep your company data safe. Employees may exchange corrupt files when they don’t know how to recognize and avoid these incidents. 

Proper training of employees will keep your company data safe while remaining accessible to promote employee productivity. Company security policies are crucial for a company of any size.  

GroupOne provides custom IT security plans to protect your company. We get to know you and your business goals to create technology strategies for the growth stage of your company. We know how important company efficiency is and we help provide you with the most cost effective computer networking and support needed to grow a successful business.


Why is Technical Support Important ~ GroupOne

Why is Technical Support Important

As your business grows, so do your technology needs. The more business processes you have automated, the more efficient your employees’ workflow is – and the more you depend on technology. 

Technology fuels efficiency, but only if you have the right experts to make sure it keeps running smoothly. When a business relies on technology, when those technical servers are down, the business is down as well. 

Keep your business up and running with a technical support engineer to support you when issues come up. You will improve organization, product knowledge, workflow, and quality of tech with a well-structured tech support system

Technical Support Fuels Efficient Business Processes 

GroupOne provides technical support to fuel business efficiency. With GroupOne, you are never left researching solutions while your company chaos builds up. Just one call, and you can have a technical support team ready to work with you and your technology. 

With the complexity of tech issues and the variety of tech applications that are available today, tech support managers are crucial. One employee cannot keep up with all of your core business needs as well as all of the new and changing technology. GroupOne’s customer support team has years of experience and all the resources needed to stay up to date on new technology trends and tech issues. 

Quicker resolution times for critical issues keep business growth from slowing. The operating costs of your business stay low when you don’t have tech issues slowing down your employees. Technical support services increase your revenue by creating smooth company processes both when business environments are working as planned and when a challenge with tech arises. 

Tech Tools for Crucial Business Decisions 

Critical business processes are created with technology. A technical support team can help you analyze your business processes and help create a guide to tech in your workplace. You can be sure that you are making the best business decisions for your company if you have all the expert knowledge to create a user experience for your employees that feeds business growth.

We get to know you and your company to understand your unique needs. We then create custom solutions for businesses that will positively impact your business growth for years. 

Efficient Communication Between Employees 

Organization of your business projects and company data online allows your employees to work from anywhere. This makes for even fewer situations where they are unable to work. The more access they have to information, the less time spent waiting to get started on work. 

Cloud services allow more types of organizations and workflows among your employees. Employees can work together on projects using a shared document that displays changes in real-time. This keeps everybody on the same page with any changes in a business project. 

The goal of any business is to keep progressing. Not having access to accurate information is what slows business processes and keeps downtime a daily part of your employees’ workflow. GroupOne can help you set up the best tech applications that work for your company’s individual processes so that you are increasing revenue from decreased labor costs.  

Safety from Data Breaches 

The more information shared online, the more efficient your employees can be. However, this also means you need to have a good understanding of cybersecurity so that you aren’t putting your information at risk. 

A technical support team can analyze your infrastructure to check for any weak points where your information isn’t secure. Technical support services allow you to make technology decisions with the safety of your company as a top priority. 

Keeping your customers happy with your customer service is easy with efficient processes. With proper tech support, you don’t have critical issues arising with the safety of your customers’ information. Customer satisfaction doesn’t stand a chance against a security breach. A technical support engineer helps you protect your company’s reputation. Without that, nothing else really matters. 

Peace of mind goes a long way with a company. You have a lot of business needs to worry about, and putting your tech support in the right hands takes a load off your back. 

Tech Support Services to Reach Your Goals 

A tech support team eliminates the need to come up with solutions on your own during stressful events. Having dedicated people to turn to for all of your technical issues keeps your employees from needing to problem solve on their own without an expert approach. 

You have company processes and employees with specific tasks that need to stay in motion for company growth. When technical issues come up you can call a tech support team rather than interrupting their workflow. Paying employees to work on technology that they do not have quality tech knowledge of, just gets you paying for something to not be done right. 

Tech support calls get the problem taken care of quickly. GroupOne has an easy-to-use ticketing system for resolving IT concerns quickly. Our technical support team will help you get your business back on track quickly. You also have the peace of mind that you are doing everything you can with access to expert knowledge of an effective solution. 

Having systems and processes that work is what creates a successful business. We are ready to help you grow, create something new, or just better maintain your current success. 

We know the value of human contact. We take the time to get to know you, your processes, and your goals. Our custom solutions make certain you’re getting everything you need and keeping you on budget. Reach out so we can answer any of your questions about our tech support services and talk more about what you need!


Technology to Improve Business Efficiency

Technology to Improve Business Efficiency

You’ve heard the phrase time is money. Getting projects done in less time means you have fewer hours to pay employees, or that those employees can get even more done with their time. The productivity of a business is often dependent on the technologies that their employees have access to. 

Business processes have become more automated with the tools and software that offices have available. Let’s look at how opening your company up to new technology benefits your company workflow and pushes your business goals

How IT Services Can Improve Your Business Efficiency Today

IT services can improve your business efficiency by giving your employees more access to information, analytics, files, collaboration, and communication tools

Digital Marketing Tools

Analytic tools support data-driven marketing strategy. Data strategy focuses on results and how marketing plans influence a company’s results. The more access you have to the information surrounding the data and results from your company, the more informed business decisions you can make with your marketing strategies

The same goes for your employees. The more access they have to digital marketing tools, the more information they have from the company’s data. This way they can make better decisions for the business. The more heads you have critically thinking, the better! The accessibility technology brings, gets you more critical thinkers on your team. 

Remote Workers

The modern workplace has gone through a lot of changes in recent years. More and more employees are working remotely rather than in-person at the office. Technology makes this possible with virtual and off-site technologies. Cloud computing technologies give you a safe space for shared company files and data.

Workplace productivity increases when you aren’t waiting on information from other employees. Logical workflow is driven by having accurate information and communication always available to employees. This way you have fewer employees twiddling their thumbs waiting for a report or for someone to answer a question. When you have systems and routines set up with workflow automation, everyone knows exactly where to find information and where to check up on their tasks.  


Easy collaboration and communication make for efficient management systems. A manager has access to the projects in real-time with cloud software. Employees can work together on one document and see changes in real-time without even being in the same office. 

Modern communication systems have given companies the flexibility needed to keep staff time efficient. The periods of time when a team cannot be together are still being used to work on projects. Video conferencing is the next best thing to in-person communication. Jumping on a quick call clears up any questions and keeps the projects being completed in reasonable amounts of time

Speech-to-Text Software

Speech-to-text software is an incredible technology solution. People can create notes from every meeting or conference. You can also record customer interactions. Text documents take up less storage space than audio or video files. They are also easier to scan and use to find quick information. 

Customer Experience

Proper hosting of your website allows for a seamless experience for your customers. You want your site to be loading quickly on each page. Hosting services should be a part of your customer relationship management because your website is where current customers will go to find answers. It is also where new customers may be first introduced to your company. This is your first impression, make it a good one! 

Efficiency within your company means you have more time to focus on your customers. Customer details can get the attention that they need. Your customer service response times are improved when you have fewer hoops to jump through with outdated technology. Efficiency from service-based technologies is the efficiency your customers will notice. 

Automated Systems

The more tasks you have automated the less money you need to spend on labor costs. If a business lowers labor costs, they can charge less for their product or service. This leads to more customers interested in the product and more success for your company. 

Routine system maintenance is essential for keeping your systems up and running and your employees never missing a beat. IT services work out bugs before you even notice them there. 

A Virtual IT Department 

Your in-house IT guy may not have access to all of the most recent advances that an IT service company has. Every moment an employee spends on technology issues is time wasted to spend on advancing your company. Keeping technology with the experts drives efficiency and gives you peace of mind that IT is taken care of. 

Properly managed IT allows you to maximize your profits and have resources for new technologies that boost productivity. Cybersecurity should also be woven into your business plan. If your information is not safe, then what else matters? 

Cyber breaches are devastating for a company and a security service will cover all the bases keeping your company secure and moving forward. With so many new technologies running businesses these days, it is harder for in-house IT to keep up with it all. This is why reaching out for IT services might be the best option for your business. 

The money saved with efficiency is used to grow your business and see more success. Don’t be turned off by the time it takes to start something new. Taking the time initially saves you so much time in the long run. Incorporating new technologies and services into your business only makes the business stronger and more automated. This gives you the time you need to focus on new business projects.