Voice (VoIP)

There are few things more frustrating than trying to communicate with someone over an unreliable phone connection. Every business needs reliable and convenient ways to connect to their current customers, potential customers, and colleagues.

If your business is still using an antiquated phone system over analog lines, you’re missing out on the feature-rich services provided by Voice over IP (VoIP), and likely paying more for less!

VoIP allows you to make phone calls over the Internet, instead of being confined to a landline connection. This move allows your business to leverage features that improve call reliability, enhances your efficiency, and simplifies mobility. Furthermore, since GroupOne owns its VoIP infrastructure, by choosing GroupOne’s Managed Voice solution, your business receives all these benefits, plus the added value of support from your Managed Service Provider and with faster response times than our competitors.

Take a look at how VoIP can improve your business.

Improved Reliability

GroupOne partners with local Internet providers to bring you the highest value VoIP solution. We will monitor your connection to prevent viruses which results in low latency, jitter-free calls. Since most VoIP carriers host their solution through a third-party vendor, their customers experience slower response times when a problem occurs. However, we at GroupOne own and manage our proprietary VoIP platform, allowing us to detect, troubleshoot and resolve issues much faster than our competitors. This results in better end-user experience for our customers.

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Enhanced Efficiency

A reliable connection isn’t the only service your phone should bring your business. With GroupOne’s Managed Voice solution offering support for over 125 SIP phone models and unlimited nationwide calling, you can utilize the benefits of GroupOne’s Managed Voice to enhance your operation’s efficiency through our all-you-can-eat feature offering. This means you don’t have to pay extra for added services like:

Even if employees at your company have basic IT skills that may be able to resolve a number of IT issues on their own, their time is better utilized focusing on their own duties. Especially when  you are facing complicated IT issues, it is far better to work with professional support engineers who can devote all of their attention on finding appropriate resolutions. Our support engineers can resolve your IT issues quickly, safely, and without interfering with any of your other processes or systems. Without proper training and experience, it is very easy to accidentally create new issues, while attempting to resolve an existing problem. Keep all of your systems and data safe by letting support professionals handle it.

  • Call recording
  • Voicemail to email unified messaging
  • Auto Attendants
  • Call Groups
  • Name Directories
  • Conference bridges
  • Call parking
  • Video conference calling
  • Call center functions & reporting

We help you customize your Managed Voice service to work for your business and your operations, rather than working within the given parameters other solutions set. We create the best solution for you putting you in control of your phone system needs while not having to manage it.

Increase productivity and streamline operations

Increase productivity and streamline operations by integrating Managed Voice with the applications you already use. GroupOne Software and CRM Integrations bring your primary business applications and communication tools into one convenient place. By having your business applications at your fingertips, you can easily import data from your call into your software and get instant access to pertinent information, while maintaining a live call.

This collaboration allows your employees to effectively multitask, easily share data, and more efficiently communicate with and solve customer issues.

Simplified Mobility

While working within a traditional phone system for your office, installation, maintenance and support on your phones can be costly in both money and time. However, for a flat monthly fee, GroupOne will program, install and support your service, so you can focus your time and attention on areas of your business that need your expertise the most. We provide a hassle free, secure, and reliable solution to all of your businesses VOIP needs. 

With GroupOne’s Managed Voice application you can stay connected to your business, even while you’re away from your desk. This is ideal for individuals who travel, work remotely, or whose job requires them to work away from a desk. With all the functions of your desk phone in the palm of your hand, wherever you are, you’ll never have to miss an important call.

Whether you work remotely, in an office, or travel for work, you need a reliable connection and you deserve the rich features the highest value solution VoIP can offer. Call us now to see how GroupOne’s Managed Voice is the solution your business deserves.


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